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 Garden Fence Applications  09.04.2021 20:55:16

Garden Fence Applications

Garden Fence Systems

Areks Aluminum; It contains many types of aluminum handrail. In addition, it is very successful in the field of garden fence applications. Our company, which is known for its product variety and product quality, is also known for its quality workmanship.

 Garden Fence Applications

We have many references. We provide our success in the field of garden fence applications with our quality. You can find the fence model you are looking for both for the security of your home and garden, as well as for a beautiful appearance, at Areks Aluminum.

Aluminum Handrail

If you want to surround a balcony, staircase or any other area you want with aluminum handrails, all the models you are looking for are at Areks Aluminum. We have aluminum square handrail, aluminum round handrail, aluminum ellipse handrail types.

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The representative of AREKS ALUMINYUM, one of the leading names of the sector that continues its activities in Pendik / Istanbul, answered the questions of our reporter at the stand of the company.

Our Structural Strength

Areks Aluminum, which became a brand in 2010, produces products in aluminum handrail, glass channel systems and garden fence systems with years of experience.


Closed and open production areas with technological equipment



Our products are exhibited in the showroom in Istanbul Pendik.



We manage all our work from here



We meet with many local and foreign people and institutions at fairs.

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Gallery Showcase

We have gathered the field-applied photographs of our products, which are mounted on magnificent structures for security, accessories, decor and protection purposes.